Schlachthaus Theater Bern

British Council presents:

Gitanjali’s Dad doesn’t beat her any more

Vorstellungen: 10.10.2003

Spiel Ort: Schlachthaus Theater

with Mr John Martin, Director of the Pan Centre for Intercultural Arts in London.

As the latest project in this series of Arts events based on multicultural Britain in the context of Asian-British work we are pleased to welcome Mr John Martin, Director of the Pan Centre for Intercultural Arts in London, who will be presenting some of the Pan Centre's projects in the field of Arts and Development in Bern . Pan Arts works on Arts for Social Change both in Britain and abroad. In Britain their projects include Arts Against Race Violence and work with refugee groups and community projects. Abroad they work in Palestine to combat trauma, in Israel with Arab community performers, and in India their projects focus on slums. For more information please see While he is in Switzerland, John Martin will focus on the Vidya Project which is based in the slum areas of that achieves attitudinal change in the way that girl children are viewed in these communities. John Martin is of mixed Indian and Irish ancestry, and is a theatre director trained at Bristol University and Ecole Jacques Leqoc in Paris. The presentation will be in English, but as John is fluent in both French and German, questions can be asked and answered in either language. The presentation will be followed by light Indian refreshments and a chance to meet John personally.