Schlachthaus Theater Bern

Pitch Black Afro:

Dance ecstasy from the Townships

Vorstellungen: 06.11.2004

Im Rahmen von: SHARP! SHARP! - South African Arts Festival

Spiel Ort: Kulturhallen Dampfzentrale

Und für alle die nicht mehr aufhören können sorgt ab 00.30h DJ Ntone Edjabe (DJ Ntone Edjabe ist ausserdem der Herausgeber des Kulturmagazins «Chimurenga»).

The newcomer from the townships of Jo’burg with his huge afro and wildly crooked teeth held the audience from the very first moment. Not surprisingly „Jozi-bred Afro-centric hip-hop head Pitch Black Afro has just gone Platinum (sold more than 50 000 copies) with his début album, Styling Gel - making it the first platinum-selling hip-hop album by a South African artist in South Africa!“