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März / April 2013:
Annaïk Lou Pitteloud

Bankruptcy Posters

The work of Annaïk Lou Pitteloud (*1980, CH) uses a variety of media to articulate a critical reflection on cultural and social problematic and to experiment on the codes of transmission and perception of art.
Her practice appropriates the exhibition context as an archetypal model of these codes, which spaces (galleries, art fairs, museums) as well as accessories (title lists, floor plans, title cards) reveal the implicit attached to them. She uses these standards to question our systems of visualization.

The work reveals through reduced forms and minimal gestures. It operates as many proposals which relate to the art history as to a flexible grid on which narrations can be placed. This non linear practice allows leaving an empty space which can freely be invested by the viewer in the centre of the work.

Vernissage: 19. März 2013 | 18h.
Dauer der Ausstellung bis 9. April 2013

Es gibt keine regulären Öffnungszeiten, das Werk ist durch die Fenster zu sehen. Bei näherem Interesse gibt Mohéna Kühni Auskunft.
(Tel: 031 312 96 47)